Red caviar
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Red caviar without preservatives consists only of caviar and salt. The shelf life of such a product is rather short, so it is not available to everyone. ... A prerequisite for proper storage of red caviar is tightness and cold. If these conditions are met, then the container can be any (tin, glass, plastic), which excludes the penetration of air into the packaged product.

Red caviar is a product that has value as a delicacy in the first place. It is believed that the price of red caviar is relatively high to be eaten every day. That is why people make sandwiches and other dishes with delicious red caviar mainly for the holidays, in order to once again emphasize the festive atmosphere.

The history of red caviar
Since ancient times, red caviar was considered a delicacy. It was impossible to buy a simple peasant or a person without status. Only very wealthy people could afford "fish eggs".

The benefits of red caviar
Almost thirty percent of red caviar consists of easily digestible protein. The product also contains a vitamin complex (vitamins A, D, E, C, group B) and various minerals - sodium, calcium, zinc, iron, sulfur, phosphorus. Fatty acids, in particular omega-3, are present.

Red caviar prevents the development of atherosclerosis and supports immunity. Calcium strengthens bones, hair and nails. The product has a beneficial effect on blood circulation, lowers blood pressure and reduces the risk of developing cardiovascular diseases. Caviar increases blood hemoglobin.
Red caviar is recommended for the prevention of rickets, maintaining men's health (increases potency). The product contains lecithin, which is beneficial for the nervous system and brain activity.

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